1st Post & Newsletter

Welcome to the first blog of Women In Polar Science!

This first edition is planned to coincide with the SCAR Open Science Conference in Auckland,

Please circulate this web page to your students and colleagues or contact the WiPS team if you would like to be placed on the mailing list for receiving this newsletter in the future.Finally,thank you much to all contributors of this issue, it has been a great pleasure to read and compile your work,and thanks to the rest of the WiPS team for their support!! I hope you’ll enjoy the reading,


Charlotte Havermans (Editor)Charlotte (1)


Who are we? The core team of  Women in Polar Science

Justine Shaw

Research Fellow (ecologist) at the Australian Antarctic Division and Environmental Decisions Group, University of Queensland

Interests: Terrestrial ecology, invasion biology, conservation scienceShaw& Janion-Scheepers_SG2_ATERAUDS


Renuka Badhe

Executive secretary at the European Polar Board

Interests: Policy, marine biology and oceanography


Jess Melbourne-Thomas

Research Scientist (ecological modeller) at the Australian Antarctic Division and Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems CRC

Interests: Marine ecosystems, ecosystem modellingJess_dance_HJ


Mary-Anne Lea

Research Fellow at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic studies, University of Tasmania

Interests: Behavioural ecology, migration and habitat use of high-latitude marine mammals and seabirds


Charlotte Havermans

Postdoc at the University of Bremen

Interests: Marine biology, genetics, crustacean taxonomy, polar and deep sea ecosystems, public outreach

Editor of the WiPS newsletter



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